Friday, July 27, 2007

Little People

Simply put. Brilliance:

youtube vs microsite

I've been working on wirebreakers campaign for six weeks now and we've achieved half a million views. I've learnt a lot from working on this campaign. One thing I've been thinking about is how customisable a youtube profile is and whether that negates the need for a microsite. For wirebreakers we built a microsite at and we also have a youtube at

I've realised that you can change the background image on youtube, therefore giving it more unique feel that lends itself to the campaign. I guess the question is that does a campaign need a microsite when it can live on youtube? I'm undecided - the main advantage of a microsite is that we get some decent stats on the location of visitors and are able to link through to a product page. But is that worth the investment in itself?

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Song for someone

A very good friend of mine, Jim Littlewood, has just launched an online music gift service. He's an excellent musician and is offering a cool product whereby you can purchase a love song for that special someone that is unique to them - he'll sing about where you met, your hopes and a lot more. It sounds cheesy, but it isn't because the songs are the kind that you genuinely would want to listen to and are bloody catchy. Go check it out at

Highly offensive hamster

It's been around a while, but I wasn't blogging when I first came across it so here it is now. It's childish and offensive but made me laugh.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

STA travel tools

STA have created a range of nifty little widgets to basically rub it in everyone's faces that you're going on holiday to somewhere nice and warm! There's more at STA

July and August

What if July and August were to have a conversation in a pub? Click the image to get the full page view:

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


This struck a chord with me:

Monday, July 23, 2007

Newzeal-and microsite

We've created a microsite for Tourism New Zealand and Air New Zealand to promote the cool cosmopolitan side of the destination. The site features a city guide to galleries, restaurants and shopping so it's a handy addition for anyone planning on visiting the country and really exploring what it has to offer. You can visit the site at

Another useful art and design directory for New Zealand is A great resource of talent in New Zealand and particularly useful for finding jobs in the creative field.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Alex Noriega

Came across this artist/designer today who is based in Barcelona. He's using an excellent way of promoting his blog and his work by running a competition giving away a painting. To enter you just need to add his blog to your links list. To be honest, I would have added it anyway as his work is fantastic. However, I wouldn't have come across it had it not been for the comp, so he's done well. There's a lot of artists out there so I think promotion plays a huge part in shaping an artist's career...this guy's hit the nail on the head. Check out his exceptional illustrations here

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Loaf lamp

Another project from college. This was to design lighting. I put a lightbulb inside a loaf of bread, apart from looking nice in the kitchen, it smells of baking bread.

New Designers 2007

I visited the New Designers Exhibition. Some really excellent work that got me excited about my upcoming Product Design degree. It made me realise how much I enjoy design as my brain started ticking over with new ideas. Some of the highlights for me was the work of Jonathan Aspinall and Mark John Fisher. Jon has created a series of interconnecting cups, perfect for anyone who has made more than two cups of tea in the offfice:

I also particularly like his frame washing up bowls for adding a bit of humour to washing up:

Facebook T shirts make it into the Contagious magazine newsletter

Tucked away in this week's Contagious magazine newsletter is a nice little mention of my Tshirts. Contagious is a great site, definitely worth checking out

As always the T-shirts are at

Bizarre Russian Fanta ad

I've been invited by Russian advertising website Adme to write for the website, reviewing Russian advertising. This was one of the first to come across for Fanta. It's fucking bizarre and I can only assume that the message is: Drink Fanta, enter a world of six armed DJs, people dancing on the ceiling and the ability to alter your own reality:

Another exceptional viral

Some have argued that the age of the viral as a way of marketing is coming to an end - there's just too much content out there to get your message through. I would disagree. Youtube has just made it harder, for a viral to work nowadays it has to be truly exceptional and here is an example - it is one of my favourite virals this year. It's highly watchable because it holds your attention. and you really want to find out how it ends because the character is so brilliantly crafted. Once you realise, you watch it again. For me it's the Sixth Sense of the viral world, but without the kid:

New prints

Have just collected my biggest run of prints yet - seven altogether. I've had two new ones made - I would have... and Woman in Lodge. Am really pleased with both of them. My aim this year was to increase the range of prints that I sell and the number of shops that I sell them in. I'm half way there.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Friday, July 06, 2007

new wirebreakers clip

Three weeks into the campaign and the third clip has launched. So far it's going well - about 50,000 views across all the channels that I'm seeding it to. Have had some really good coverage and the response has been good: