Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sony NEX5 launches Facebook comp

Sweet camera that combines the best of both worlds of SLR and compact. Now there's a chance to win one in a very simple competition that taps into that part of Facebook that we all like to make sure really reflects who we are - the profile picture.

The SONY NEX5 Profile Hero competition has five categories (I definitely have friends that fit into these):

Family Funster - If you love your family more than life itself then you've found your category. We want to see your proudest moments captured here.

Night Owl - Night Owls come alive after sunset. They know how to have a good time and are the life of the party. If this sounds familiar then this is the category for you.

Portrait Poser - Portrait Posers don't shy away from the camera and they look great close-up. If this sounds like you then this is your category.

Sports Star - Fancy yourself as a bit of a Becks or R-Fed? If so then we want to see your most dynamic action shots.

Worldly wanderer - If you like to go wherever the wind takes you then this is the category for you. We want to see your most breathtaking panoramic travel shots.

The competition runs for four weeks with a chance to enter new profile pics into each of the categories each week. Enter yours here

Pizza Express Living Lab

Pizza Express has created the Living Lab concept restaurant at their Richmond location in London where they are experimenting with just about everything, from design and acoustics to service and food with a concept restaurant put together by a creative team including architect Ab Rogers, fashion designer Matthew Miller, artist Enzo Apicella and graphic designers GTF

The striking parabolic booths have been installed that act as mini recording studios, reflecting background noise whilst bouncing back the sounds of the conversation at the table to create an intimate acoustic chamber. In addition, the booths feature an ipod doc to allow the diners to choose the soundtrack to their meal.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Top Gear Stig Farm

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Twenty5 Ethiopia

Twenty years after the great famine in Ethiopia, two young filmmakers, Nic Yeeles and Ehsan Bhatti, were given the opportunity to explore how Ethiopia has changed as a result of our generous donations 25 years ago.

The task was to create something unique, that goes against everything we're used to seeing in a charity video. They wanted an honest insight to what they saw and I believe that they have achieved that in this inspiration and uplifting short film:

Get involved and show your support at

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tiger Beer Know the not Known

‘Know The Not Known’ has just been launched by Tiger Beer and features up and coming contemporary talents from the four fields of art, music, design and film and will provide access to the best parties in London.

Through their Facebook page your curiosity is rewarded by access to underground, invite only, Vice magazine and Tiger supported events.

The first of the NotKnown events will be kicking the series off with a real bang. Held in East London’s The London Fields, the event will be part Secret Cinema, part Halloween party this weekend.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Russell Hobbs starts global hunt for K1 kettle

In 1955 the K1 kettle was released by Russell Hobbs, it was revolutionary, being the first kettle in the world to automatically turn itself off once boiled - up until this point the kettle needed to be watched so that it did not boil dry, the K1 solved this problem with a valve switch that turned off the kettle with the steam from the boiling water. It was genius.

Now, over 50 years later there doesn't appear to be a working K1 in known existence. So they have started a search, using the power of social media and the web to find a K1 kettle that may be hidden away in someone's garage or attic.

There are prizes up for grabs for those that still have a working K1. Here's a photo of it:

Spread the word and let's get this kettle found! You can send photos in via their Facebook page, tweet it to @RussellHobbsUK or add it to their Flickr page.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Doc Martens goes apocalyptic

For the latest in Dr Martens 50th anniversary celebrations at Dr. Martens 50 - Michael Davis of MC5 & D.O.A. cover Cold War Kids' Something Is Not Right With Me.

The video, directed by Klaus Thymann features some jet ski jousted. Pretty damn cool

Monday, October 04, 2010

Interesting way to promote a book

For the release of the book Deception their is a viral campaign where they have brought the lead character to life as he investigates the murder of Elise Freeman at

The website features an evidence area and an online test to determine your criminal empathy - although apparently I am a 'victim' and am 'taken advantage of'!

The creepiest part is that they have recreated the video plea that the victim has recorded in the book - bringing it to life online and engaging the audience to find out more. You can then further interact with Alex Delaware via his twitter feed, having your own go at cracking the case! Very cool.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Extraordinary videos

Intercasino and the Raindance,the UK's largest independent film organisation ran a short film comp on youtube called 'Welcome to the extraordinary' - the brief was to demonstrate what the extraordinary meant to them.

Some pretty cool vids, my favourite is 'Extraordinary toys'

Manhatten 4:33pm is also pretty clever:

There's a lot more at Welcome to the extraodinary

Friday, August 27, 2010

Bulmer's launches iphone app

There's still a tiny bit of British Summer left, and even better, it's a Bank holiday weekend so it's time to head to the nearest pub garden and soak it all in before the leaves turn brown and we all lock ourselves away in our homes for six months gazing longingly out of the window waiting for the big ball of orange burning gas to shows it's face again.

How does one find such a pub garden you may ask? The answer is simple - with this new app from Bulmers that uses Augmented Reality to guide you on your way. There's a nifty demo video here:

What's more it's free! You can search for 'Bulmers' at the app store or get it from itunes

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Taking cinema to the next level

Secret Cinema is a cool concept - the secret part is that you don't know the movie and you only know the location two days before. I went along to one of the first Secret events a couple of year's back. In fact, if you look at this video at 1:16 is an interview with me:

With each year these events have become bigger and better. I kicked myself that I didn't go to the Alien screening at Haloween (although I think we were throwing our very own circus party that night so that would be why). Still, it looks amazing.

And the reason for this post. Well there's another one coming up - it's on the 3rd, 4th and 5th September and will see 5000 people each night watch the movie. Insane! You can find out more and get tickets at

Monday, August 23, 2010

Facebook T shirts in a book

It's been a white since I've posted about Facebook T shirts. The mini business is still going - I sell a handful of T shirts each month. I'm not spending as much time on it as I used to as I build on my viral marketing business.

I'd like to spend a bit more time on my design work, but that's practically on hold at the moment while I focus on a little bit of deficit reduction - four years of study paying fees up front has taken it's toll on my bank balance. Anyhow, I digress....

The good news is that Facebook T shirts are now in a book called Never Use Pop Up Windows and 50 other Ridiculous web rules by Anneloes Van Gaalen. You can buy it from Amazon if you'd like

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Suso Master

The guys at SUSO have always claimed to be about more than just a fizzy juice drink. Their brand ideology, as presented on their website at, shows us that when we harness our imagination, creativity and determination there is nothing we can’t do. Here are found tales of achievement in adversity - of people doing what many said couldn’t be done - a showcase and tribute to an attitude of NO CAN’T DO

This summer the SUSO Master will feature in a series of virals, short films and tutorials online and on digital Outdoor sites across the country. The aim is first to entertain and inspire and thereafter support through specific tutorials encouraging the development of aspirational skills in the field of music, sport, and the creative arts:

The campaign is amplified through social media allowing even more interaction with the character via Twitter and Facebook.

Monday, August 02, 2010

A-Team comes to iphone. What you wait'n for fool?

Here's a sweet new app for the iphone that I've been involved with. The A-Team Action Pack

You can relive those classic episodes or create your own over-the-top action sequences with vehicle sounds, catchphrases and motion activated weapon sound effects. If you need to see more check out this demo showing what you can do with it:

I personally think it’s best when you and a mate download it and lob grenades at each other across a room.

It's to promote the A-Team Series 1 release on itunes making it possible to watch vintage original A-team on your ipad, iphone and ipod touch!

If you're in trouble, if you need an app, and if you can find it, you need the A-Team app!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Clothes peg

Continuing the theme of how design can help improve the quality of peoples' lives is this video from Product Tank

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Jane vs the remote

I went down to this year's RCA Product Design show and was thoroughly impressed and inspired. For me one of the most interesting and successful projects was by Tom Stables who created an overlay for remote controls to make them easier to use for the elderly. The video is a great example of how observing human behavior can lead to design innovation that can genuinely improve the quality of life for the user.

JANE VS THE REMOTES from tom stables on Vimeo.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mum's revenge

Boppy have just created this game to test your knowledge of breastfeeding. Not something that I know about so it was quite fun trying to guess the answers.

Requires Flash Player

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fun game - get your revenge on Mauricio Espinosa

I'm currently seeding this Bounce back attack game for the new film The Rebound. It's a very basic game, but to give it more relevance and encourage people to play I've created a Mauricio Espinosa version for fans to vent their rage with.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Dr. Martens 50 – The Cinematic Orchestra cover Lilac Wine

For Dr. Martens 50th Anniversary, The Cinematic Orchestra covers Jeff Buckley’s Lilac Wine

To celebrate our 50th Anniversary, we asked 10 artists to record their version of a cult classic track which represents the spirit of the people who've worn DM's over the past 50 years. We also asked 10 directors to make videos for each of the tracks. Listen and watch here

Monday, June 21, 2010

Don't let them lift the whaling ban

A ban against whaling has been in place for the past 24 years, dramatically reducing the numbers of whales killed. However, today in Agadir, Morocco the International Whaling Commission (IWC) will begin the process of voting on whether to lift the ban and potentially open the floodgates to whaling across the globe once again.

A graphic film which featured model, Alice Dellal, narration from actor Christopher Eccleston and music from The Horrors, has been created to move millions of people to sign up to an online e-protest against the proposed lifting of the commercial whaling ban.

The aim of the protest, led by the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS) is simple; to directly challenge the proposed lifting of the whaling ban and potentially save thousands of whales from being needlessly slaughtered in the future.

Each e-protest (accompanied by an individual, personal message) will be sent directly to the most high profile supporters in favour of the plan to lift the ban, which surprisingly include Barack Obama and the Prime Minister of New Zealand.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Ipad game - save the world

Had my first go on an ipad this week, playing this nice little game called W.A.R.P from Unit 9 - it's got a great physics engine.

It's available from the itunes store if you fancy a go at trying to save the world.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

New York destroyed in 8 bit wonder

This video was created by Patrick Jean from the Paris-based special effect studio One More Production, and the production level is nothing short of amazing. See for yourself. Music track is Naïve New Beaters "L.A. trumpets

Uploaded by divisionparis. - See the latest featured music videos.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Dr Martens celebrates 50th anniversary with huge music project

Dr. Martens boots are celebrating their 50th Anniversary, having been closely associated with music, they have enlisted ten contemporary bands and ten film directors to help celebrate their birthday at

My favourite is DāM-FunK performing Human League's Things that dreams are made of, with the video directed by Ace Norton

Random fact: The 1460 boot was named after 1st April 1960, the day of the first production.

All of the tracks are available for free download and further tracks will be released throughout the rest of the year.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Anthony Hegarty sings in Italian

Since 1991 Lavazza has produced the "Lavazza Calendar", featuring artistic fashion photography from some of the world's leading photographers. The 2010 Calendar for the first time features a musical component in the form of Anthony (of Anthony and the Johnsons) Hegarty’s version of Puccini’s original song Nessun Dorma with the Roma Sinfonietta Orchestra. The orchestration of the recording is Puccini's original, and Hegarty performs the song with his famous, quavering delivery. The song is available for free download at

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Joanna and the wolf, Favela Chic, Wed 31st March

The incredible Joanna and the wolf are playing a FREE gig at Favela Chic in London on Wednesday 31st March. Definitely worth heading down there!

"Her incredible siren's song coaxes the crowd in with each careful, quivering octave." - NME

"Their live shows are essential viewing." - The Fly magazine

Give them a listen at

More about the venue at

Joana and the wolf from LeeLondon on Vimeo.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tropicana "Arctic Sun"

A nice piece of activity/ad/viral

Thursday, March 04, 2010


Currently working on home office furniture designs for Habitat.

I am researching at the moment - looking at competitors, analysing photos of home offices, looking at objects in the home office and interviewing people who work from home.

I am looking for as many contributions as possible, so feel free to help out.

Take a couple of minutes to fill out the survey

You can contribute photos to the Facebook group

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

World Cup fever begins

As The Official Beer of the England football team, Carlsberg launches it’s “England Team Talk” competition, calling on the nation to show their support for the Three Lions ahead of this summer’s World Cup Finals.

People can upload their Team Talks at Those uploading a video Team Talk can win the chance to meet some of the England players and deliver their words of inspiration in person, at an exclusive day at Wembley Stadium, or see them train in Austria. If that wasn’t enough, others will also star in the next Carlsberg commercial, seen by millions across the UK.

I reckon this girl's in with a good chance of winning!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Old Spice ad

It works because it doesn't take itself seriously and it's ridiculously funny.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Kirsty Almeida at Favela Chic

I'm working helping to promote Kirsty Almeida and her band who are playing a residency at Favela Chic near Old Street for two more weeks. I went along and it was a really good night- she plays with a seven piece band and has so much energy. It's also a great venue. I highly recommend heading down there, she plays tonight and there's one more gig next week on Thursday 18th February.

All photography copyright Kinver Miles

Google Superbowl commercial

A little late on this one but it's a beautiful ad that demonstrates how useful the internet is as an information source. We take it for granted that we have so much information at the touch of a few keys or in our pockets.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Useful Hackney/Islington listing website

Having lived in both Hackney and Islington for the past four years it's always good to find new things to do - loads of good venues that are waiting to be discovered are here. Just came across a nice website called Liveatyourlocal that has things to do - music, film, art, design, comedy and poetry. Definitely worth signing up to for

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Let Tiger beer guide you

<a href="">LinkedTube</a>

Working with Exposure to promote their iphone application for tiger Beer. It being the year of the Tiger as of the 14th of February they have very cleverly made them the source for all things Chinese New Year. They have a microsite which provides an excellent guide to the goings on plus an iphone app with augmented reality. Download, head to Chinatown and let it be your guide for the night.

For the bus ride down there, there's this addictive little game, make deliveries in your tuk tuk avoiding crashing.

Cycling project completed

After one of the busiest weeks of my life and an all nighter I have submitted my final self directed project at college. Very pleased with it all and think I have a product that has potential to be sold in shops. Needs more work to bring it to market though.

Next up is the client project which is very exciting. I will be designing furniture.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Create the perfect woman (or man) for yourself

I am currently seeding this campaign for Surrogates release on DVD and blu-ray, I'm working with Firebelly Creative who have made an online game where you can make your perfect woman or man at Surrodate
Enter your preferences for eye and hair colour along with your interests and it will generate your Surrodate. This is what it came up with for me. Not bad...

Thursday, January 07, 2010


Developed by MIT these little blocks could revolutionise education - I particularly like the way they can be used to create sums and words.

It does appear to be that successful products today create the hardware that supports open source software that allows for infinite possibilities - the iphone being the best example of this. If the software for these blocks became open source then there are so many possibilities.

Visit their website

T shirt sale now on

One Man Band is still going, but I think this year I shall be working on it slightly less so that I can focus on the design and marketing side of things. I have therefore started a sale on the site to sell the remaining stock that I have - some great T shirts from ten pounds at Facebook T shirts

New viral seeding launch

Happy new year! I'm starting the new year by getting through all the jobs I've been meaning to do, building the foundations so that the rest of the year goes nice and smoothly. First off I've and created better branding and redesigned my Viral Seeding website which now includes most of the campaigns I have worked on and the results for each of them - the nice bits of coverage that I achieved. At the end of the day it's about results so I wanted to include this. It is also has a bit more about what viral seeding is about.

The good news is that it's already providing results. Traffic is increasing and I'm getting a few inquiries.

Next up is another redesign, along similar lines for Lee Washington Design which also features a CMS which will make it easier to add new projects.