Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sony NEX5 launches Facebook comp

Sweet camera that combines the best of both worlds of SLR and compact. Now there's a chance to win one in a very simple competition that taps into that part of Facebook that we all like to make sure really reflects who we are - the profile picture.

The SONY NEX5 Profile Hero competition has five categories (I definitely have friends that fit into these):

Family Funster - If you love your family more than life itself then you've found your category. We want to see your proudest moments captured here.

Night Owl - Night Owls come alive after sunset. They know how to have a good time and are the life of the party. If this sounds familiar then this is the category for you.

Portrait Poser - Portrait Posers don't shy away from the camera and they look great close-up. If this sounds like you then this is your category.

Sports Star - Fancy yourself as a bit of a Becks or R-Fed? If so then we want to see your most dynamic action shots.

Worldly wanderer - If you like to go wherever the wind takes you then this is the category for you. We want to see your most breathtaking panoramic travel shots.

The competition runs for four weeks with a chance to enter new profile pics into each of the categories each week. Enter yours here

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