Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Big Lunch

Really like this idea - a series of big lunches held all over the country. We need more of this kind of thing - encouraging communities to come together. I've been rambling on for some time about how there isn't enough of this kind of thing in London and so I'm going to eat my own words and organise one on Newington Green. Check out The Big Lunch website Type N16 9ND for my lunch. Nice illustrations

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Naked woman

Working on a new Naked woman print. This is what my screen looks like as I scan in the drawings and redraw and redraw her until I'm happy.

G20 protest

I attended. Never been to protest before and decided to go to add myself to the number of people who want their voice to be heard in this mess.

I took this photo, I found it ironic that the man filming the protest go by had just been to Harrod's

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Georgia on my mind.

Right now I'm loving the font Georgia in Italics (the titles for this blog), especially when used with Ariel or Helvetica. I'm using it on all my documents now. I have officially become a geek.

DAD project

The deadline for the DandAD student awards is on Monday. I think I'm going to enter, and do the project in one day on Saturday - a nice quick design project. In a new twist I think I'll twitter and blog as I do it, if you wanna see how it goes, then head over to http://twitter.com/leewashington

In Your Face

I remember watching the fantastically hilarious Adam and Joe show years back. Adam is still making awesome stuff. More stuff at his website

This is a great reworking of Obama's speach:

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Facebook redesign reduces it's ability to spread content

My early impression is that the new design reduces Facebook's ability to spread content online. Whereas before, the news feed would report on groups and events that friends were attending, the new design does not. Therefore if someone joins a group no one really knows about it. A shame really as a lot of groups I have joined have been because a friend has joined it. Admittedly I can go to the groups page and see it there, but it used to be effective on the news feed. Along with posted items and anything else. The only way to really share content on FB now is to post it in your status. Which basically makes it twitter. Any thoughts? Or do I just need to spend a bit more time getting to grips with the new Facebook?

I feel so used...

Somebody wrote this on the toilet roll at our houseparty. I thought it was funny.

Bboy stop frame animation

Excellent stop frame animation and interactive youtube video. The how to video is also pretty damn interesting:

Monday, March 23, 2009

Barclaycard spoof from a friend of mine

I'm not involved in this campaign but I like it - I posted the original 'spoof' from Barclaycard a week back. A friend of mine who is a director has just entered and sent me an email about it. His video is called 8-BIT Waterslide in REAL LIFE! by Teaandcheese. I've included it here because it is very good - it has been my plan for sometime to get his stop motion skills involved in a viral for One Man Band - another project for 2009!

If you like it please go to comp site and give it a vote!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Anti eco music video

The first 30 seconds of this is pretty funny - as far as a viral goes its too long - asking someone for 3 mins of attention is a lifetime on the internet. If I'd have been involved in this campaign I would have made a short video with the full vid on the microsite. Not only would this make the vid more entertaining it would provide additional content for those who like what they see and want to see more.

22GL Graffiti party

I live in a house with three other people from my course which is fantastic. We're toying with the idea of setting ourselves up as a design collective as we work well together, often staying up pretty much all night working on projects - we're also skilled in different areas, from illustration to photography to painting to design and each of our bedrooms is basically an office and our lounge makes for a decent sized studio.

We manage to throw some very good parties and I thought I'd share some of the photos here

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Launching my own viral seeding service

Today I put my new website live for my viral seeding services. In my three years at Cake I have worked a huge range of projects and some high profile brands and it has been an idea of mine for some time to go freelance and offer my services to a wider range of agencies. I still work at Cake and really enjoy it but now think it's time to see what else is out there.

I was even more surprised to find that viralseeding.com was available and I'm really pleased that I've got my website at that URL. So Lee Washington Seeding has finally launched!

The journey from my days working at Deloitte as an accountant has gone pretty well so far - I've had to learn to be patient - the ultimate aim is to run my own marketing and design agency, perhaps within a couple of years when my degree has finished.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

World Builder

A nice short film with some incredible rendering. I'm also a big fan of Vimeo - the embedded player is so much nicer than youtube's as while the video is playing you just get the video - no youtube logo over the top, no ads, it also seems a sharper image. Of course youtube will always remain the largest video sharing website, but I think vimeo is a definite contender. The audience also seems a lot more mature - most comments on youtube tend to break out into abusive rants between viewers. Anyhow, I digress, here's the vid and it's well worth watching full screen:

World Builder from Bruce Branit on Vimeo.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Barclaycard spoof

Has a similar feel to the Pot Noodle Guiness spoof from last year