Monday, February 16, 2009

Photos of the snow

It's been a couple of weeks since it happened, but thought I'd share my photos of the snow. In my opinion it was exactly what this city needed. For one day everyone seemed to forget their worries and enjoy themselves. The park near me was filled with people playing in the snow, the roads were quiet and I've never seen London look so beautiful.

Photos from the camera project

And the final model - cast silicone rubber.

Some stuff from my course

My degree takes up most of my time at the moment - I'm loving it, although have to admit that it does seem to be the only thing I do and to a certain extent, a lot of my 'projects' are on hold purely because I don't have the time. Overall though, it's great and there's a definite improvement in my work and the way I work. Here's some images from a project from last term where we were briefed to design a camera for the beauty company Aveda.

Facebook is more addictive than crack vest

Someone has added photos to the Facebook group It's great to see people enjoying my designs and having fun with it.

More at One Man Band


Here's something that made me laugh