Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tiger Beer Know the not Known

‘Know The Not Known’ has just been launched by Tiger Beer and features up and coming contemporary talents from the four fields of art, music, design and film and will provide access to the best parties in London.

Through their Facebook page your curiosity is rewarded by access to underground, invite only, Vice magazine and Tiger supported events.

The first of the NotKnown events will be kicking the series off with a real bang. Held in East London’s The London Fields, the event will be part Secret Cinema, part Halloween party this weekend.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Russell Hobbs starts global hunt for K1 kettle

In 1955 the K1 kettle was released by Russell Hobbs, it was revolutionary, being the first kettle in the world to automatically turn itself off once boiled - up until this point the kettle needed to be watched so that it did not boil dry, the K1 solved this problem with a valve switch that turned off the kettle with the steam from the boiling water. It was genius.

Now, over 50 years later there doesn't appear to be a working K1 in known existence. So they have started a search, using the power of social media and the web to find a K1 kettle that may be hidden away in someone's garage or attic.

There are prizes up for grabs for those that still have a working K1. Here's a photo of it:

Spread the word and let's get this kettle found! You can send photos in via their Facebook page, tweet it to @RussellHobbsUK or add it to their Flickr page.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Doc Martens goes apocalyptic

For the latest in Dr Martens 50th anniversary celebrations at Dr. Martens 50 - Michael Davis of MC5 & D.O.A. cover Cold War Kids' Something Is Not Right With Me.

The video, directed by Klaus Thymann features some jet ski jousted. Pretty damn cool

Monday, October 04, 2010

Interesting way to promote a book

For the release of the book Deception their is a viral campaign where they have brought the lead character to life as he investigates the murder of Elise Freeman at

The website features an evidence area and an online test to determine your criminal empathy - although apparently I am a 'victim' and am 'taken advantage of'!

The creepiest part is that they have recreated the video plea that the victim has recorded in the book - bringing it to life online and engaging the audience to find out more. You can then further interact with Alex Delaware via his twitter feed, having your own go at cracking the case! Very cool.