Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The role of design in the 2010s

What now for design? What do you think the role of design will be in the next decade?

The price of an object will obviously be a major concern for the average consumer.
What we happen to eco-design?

For me, I think design of the 2010s will be about minismising or removing risk. Whether it be financial or in our daily lives, as a result of what is happening right now we will emerge as a society a little bit more risk averse and conservative.

Or maybe design will be about providing an escape, or entertainment.

How are we going to get 2 million people working again? If I were prime minister I would encourage people to become entrepreneurs - to look at what skills they have and turn those into a way of making an income. I believe that everyone has skills that they can offer to someone else. And if none of us have any money to spend then we may have to look into ways of exchanging skills and working together.

Any thoughts?

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Anonymous said...

nice idea Lee. this could also tie-in to the return to a more localised and personalised economy (food miles, ethical sourcing, organic supply etc), but this time powered by the social web...