Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dutch Design Week

Spent the weekend in Eidhoven and Amsterdam. A friend of mine is studying at Design Academy Eidhoven. A fantastic place. Looked around the degree show and other exhibitions in association with Dutch Design Week. Photos to follow but some 'trends' that I picked up on:

-Everyone is a designer. Everyone is capable of design. Do we need designers? Ikea hacking
-Making do. Using everyday discarded objects to create functional furniture - doors can be used as tables, jars taped together become storage. It sounds like crap, but it works.
-Space saving. Chairs that fold and can be stored in a wardrobe. Inflattable tables.
-Bridging the gap between offline/online and digital/analogue. A nice chest of draws where each contains a chip and contains a file. Place the draw next to a laptop and it loads the file.
-Objects that record their surroundings. A great piece was a machine that wove a lamp shade where the colour and thickness varied according to the level of sunlight. Each day creates a unique lamp shade.

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