Wednesday, October 01, 2008

HSBC: The World's bullying bank

Just had a call from HSBC practically demanding that I pay money into my bank account. I have a student account with them and am in my interest free overdraft. Unless I pay some money into the account I will start to incur interest. She wanted to know what day I planned on paying the money in how I would be paying the money in. Is this kind of harrassment even legal?

From a brand point of view this isn't exactly sensible either. All of the banks offer students accounts with interest free overdraft - the thinking being that people tend to keep a bank account for life and one day those poor hard up students will become fully fledged salary earning, debt ridden mortgaged members of society - profit for the bank in other words.

The phone call has completely damaged my opinion of HSBC - a bank that demands money two days before I return to uni. Today I swore that I will close the account as soon as I graduate. And at some point in the future when I have a bank balance again, I will write to them and recount my experience of today and tell them they will never see a pound of my money or my custom.

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