Monday, March 31, 2008

Sharing ideas

Is it a good idea to share ideas online? On the one hand the sharing of ideas is generally good for society - we would get no where if people didn't share ideas with each other. On the other hand is that ideas can be used without the person with the idea/creativity getting a reward. As selfish as that sounds it's also unfair that someone should benefit from an idea while the person who created it doesn't. Myspace and music is a great example. So many bands, so much music, yet how many earn a living from their music?

Anyhow. I'm more a believer in the first. I generally have quite a few ideas. Some are crap it has to be said. Some are not bad. With most I do not have the capacity or the means to turn them into a reality. So why not share? Whatiftheydid is a great example of a blog that does just that.

I think I'll start sharing my ideas

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