Monday, March 31, 2008

Angel Art Market

I've been selling my canvas prints at the One Deko shop in Spitalfields for a couple of years now which has been great, but I never get to meet the people that buy my stuff. For some time I have wanted to have an exhibition and this weekend I will be taking part in the Angel Art Market. It'll be nice to have the opportunity to meet people who are interested in my work (and hopefully sell some.)

For those of you who live in London, the Market takes place behind Angel tube station. There's some more info here

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Unknown said...

Excellent work on your art design pieces. I just recently put up my art gallery on the web. Many of my friends have gotten misdirected from my site to yours and I heard compliments about it. I thought I should check it out to see what everyones talking about. Good work though and feel free to check out mine. It is Wish you the best of luck.