Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Facebook account deactivated

This week I had my Facebook account deactivated. I was posting a video for work on a few fan walls and that was it. I suddenly felt quite lost - a lot of people I am just friends with on Facebook - I don't have email addresses, for many I don't have telephone numbers. Then there are the photos - I felt like the last two years of my life had been erased. Then it was reinstated and all is cool again.

Tonight I was watching High Fidelity where he meets up with all his old girlfriends and I had an idea - what if I was to meet up with everyone I am 'friends' with on Facebook - all 311 of them. For a proper catch up one to one. Some people I met when I was travelling, some I went to school with and some I met in my old job. Some I haven't even met at all. I think it would just be an interesting experiment. A reflection on society and what it means to be friends with someone.

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