Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Building a web presence

I'm sometimes asked how to go about building an online presence - whether it be for sharing design work or people starting a business. Generally this is what I tell them.

To begin with you set up a Facebook page for people to join - it is free and provides a discussion board, people can add images and invite people - great for forming a community

Start a blog using blogger or wordpress (blogger is easier but will have .blogspot after the name) while wordpress allows for a URL and more design options.

Then of course there's twitter - easy to get started on and has added convenience of not taking much time to maintain.

For web build, there's a few programmes that can be used to build a website and it gets a bit more complicated.
Drupal CMS
Index Exhibit (excellent for design but could be adapted)

I build a lot of my sites in Dreamweaver but the sites above are easier. If you want to add a nice flash image previewer to your site you can get it here


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