Tuesday, April 21, 2009

How NOT to get ahead in the creative industries

We had someone on work experience at Cake last week - he was very good, helping me out on some seeding work. He was fairly freshly out of uni and wanted to get involved in some creative work and ended up leaving half way through his placement. What's worst is that he sent an email to the entire company saying that it had not been creative enough for him and not provided him with enough to 'sink his teeth into'

He made a mistake in my opinion - Cake is one of the most creative companies I have ever worked for, one where creative ideas can come from anyone and where everyone in the company contributes to brainstorms. Had he stayed for the remainder of the week he would have seen that, I think he was just a bit too impatient.

I think design schools fill there students with too many ideas that they will all be super successful creatives when they leave and the truth is, that you have to be prepared to do other elements of work, not just the sitting around on comfy ideas coming up with ideas. What's more he didn't include a single thank you in his leaving email. A shame really.

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