Tuesday, September 16, 2008

One Man Band

I have one day a week off of my usual jobs to work on self initiated projects and the small businesses that I run - this day can be used for anything from taking prints to customers, picking up new T shirts to designing new products. Lately it has mostly been used for setting up the gallery space which opens on Thursday. Today it was a bit more mundane - sorting out tax and bank accounts. However, I did have the afternoon to work on a desk that I want to get laser cut for my room and a new logo for my T shirts.

The background is that Facebook T shirts as a name has a few downsides - the main one being that at any moment Facebook could come along and shut me down for using their name. Another being that the designs are moving away from Facebook with designs such as the credit crunch t shirt and in the future I want them to be even more experimental. I have already tried laser cutting T shirts with interesting results (they disintegrated on the first wash!) but there is definitely potential there. Anyhow I digress. I'm on my own doing this...and therefore I present my T shirt label....One Man Band

Any feedback greatly appreciated!

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