Friday, April 11, 2008

Pre emptive seeding

So I work in viral marketing and a big part of my job is getting as many people as possible to view, share and talk about our virals. We created the Rick rolling monkey video in response to the trend on the internet. Credit to PG Tips: my boss had the idea on Thursday, we sent it to them Friday and on Monday we filmed it.

It's low low fi marketing - you can see the puppeteer (that's my fault for filming it so badly.) Today I see that there's going to be a flash mob this evening so I have change the title to Re:Liverpool street station rick roll so that when people start searching for this on youtube our video will come up as a related rick rolling video. So essentially I'm pre-empting what's happening on youtube and positioning our video so it's ready for it. Crafty. Bloody marketers.

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