Friday, April 04, 2008

Ad not required. Just take someone else's and slap your brand on it

For April Fool's day the BBC created this very successful advert which has been high in the viral chart this week:

Today, I see this other ad doing the rounds:

This new one, although not created by Linux, creates an interesting situation. A lot of the blogs that are posting it do not know about the BBC ad which makes this Linux ad the original penguin flying video in their view. They congratulate the video maker on an excellent job, "Linux - where everyone can fly, it's such a good advert" they say. This is a classic way that the web takes content, copies it, and loses the original context and meaning. It pisses me off to be honest, as all the hard work of the BBC ad is lost when someone with imovie comes along and makes it their own. And who the hell are Linux anyway?

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