Thursday, June 09, 2011

When pens go digital

In this digital age, there is still a need to write things down - as I sit here I have a to list, notes from meetings and sketches around my laptop, but there is now a product that helps to integrate those notes with your computer, ipad and iphone. Livescribe as is a pen that has a lot of interest tricks up it's sleeve.

It records audio while you're writing that can be allocated to a particular page of notes - good for lecture's - imagine reading back notes from a particular lecture and hearing the lecturer explaining the content.

Digitalise what you write
The pen creates pdf 'pencasts' - I like the idea of being able to draw on paper and have that drawing then imported into illustrator to work on as a vector.

Then there's sharing, it's possible to email notes, upload to google docs and post to Facebook.

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