Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Paracetamol with braille

A very simple additional to product packaging that ensures that those with poor site can identify their tablets. An excellent piece of design. More packaging needs to incorporate this.

Which brings me on to a little story. My mum was at my nan's house and was made a cup of tea - when she tasted it, it was soapy. My nan had put Lenor in it instead of milk. Quite an amusing story but it made me think - it's not such a difficult mistake to make. Both the Lenor and milk are the same colour, in the same packaging with the same blue label. When both are on the worktop it is an easy mistake to make when you cannot read the label. Another area when design can intervene and make life easier.

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Tala said...

quite a good observation there Lee hehe. It happens, I've used salt instead of sugar a few times now!