Sunday, August 23, 2009

Video proving popular on youtube!

I put my idea for the improvement to headphones on youtube and it's proving very popular! Surprisingly so - at the moment it is on the front page of reddit and it on the front page of most favourited UK youtube with 11,600 views. I'll post it here also:

Not sure what to do in terms on intellectual property rights on this - does my video on youtube prove it's mine or could someone just use the idea. I've always liked the idea of sharing ideas but wouldn't want anyone to copy it.


Awesome Quotes said...

posted on our blog ;-)

Anonymous said...

Love those headphones! I hope Apple asks you to use your design.

Priscila said...

I was wondering that, Lee. You video made me think about rights... Because we know that´s your idea: there are informations about the date you posted the video, your face, yourself. Don't you think it´s time for you to make this idea bring you real money?

Lee Washington said...

Thanks for your comments. We'll have to see. Technically I should have got protection for the idea before I posted the video. But it's like you say, a lot of people know that I had the idea and publicised it. We will have to see.

Dave C said...

Really elegant solution lee,

We've tackled the problem a little differently, but really like your perspective on it.

Drop me a line anytime,