Monday, May 12, 2008


This video is starting to cause a big stir online. I found it incredibly watchable and it has one of the key qualities of a viral - it is shocking. I forwarded it to a friend and am sharing it here. Why? Because I want YOU to see it. What's in it for me. A little bit of kudoss I guess because in theory I found it before you did and in theory you'll come back to this blog just in case I've found something you haven't seen yet. Let's face it, the web is about SELF PROMOTION. It not about communities, or socialising. Everyone here is here is here for themselves, from brands to individuals are here to some extent becuase of self promotion. I write this blog to self promote, I go on Facebook to tell my friends what I am up to (self promote.) I read other blogs to leanr stuff that I can use to make myself more interesting. There it is then. Think about why you're online right now.

Anyhow, that was quite a rant. And I expect it has something to do with watching this video. It makes you want to go smash stuff up. I give it 48 hours before the Daily Mail write about it. It's the GTA of youtube, and they described that as "mind poison".

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